4 Types of Autogate Malaysia Systems You Should Know About

Autogate is an installation device on a gate that allows it to open or close automatically. It is a convenient appliance for cars and homeowners. You can use a remote to automatically open or close the door instead of getting out of the car and doing it manually. On the other hand, you can avoid getting wet in the rain while closing the door when you come out of the house. This type of gate also provides added security as no one can open it without the remote. It reduces the risks of break-ins and intruders lurking around in your home’s premises.

Different autogate systems

Malaysia is one of the biggest manufacturers of autogates. Here are four types of autogate Malaysia systems that you can choose from:

1. Sliding autogate

The motor in this autogate slides from left to right and vice versa to open and close the wheeled gate. It is the most inexpensive and widely popular autogate Malaysia.

2. Swing arm autogate

A swing arm autogate comes with a motor-controlled arm. This arm acts as the lever and opens and closes the gate either from the inside or outside, depending on how you install it. It is suitable for office entrance gates and parking lot gates.

3. Mounted pillar autogate

A mounted pillar autogate is quite similar to a swing arm autogate. The gate remains attached to a pillar and it swings open once you press the on button. These autogates are slightly bigger than swing arm autogates. They are ideal for parking lots.

4. Underground motor autogate

This type of gate also goes by the name swing gate. The underground motor enables the door to open or close. You may not be able to see the motor as it remains hidden underground. It ensures that no one knows that it’s an autogate. But it’s not the most popular model in Malaysia because of its high cost. Moreover, underground moisture and water can damage the motor.

Ultimate autogate buying guide

There are two essential factors that you need to keep in mind before buying an autogate: measurement and mechanics.

• Mechanics – You need to choose from three types of autogates mainly: fold, swing, and slide. Swing gates are similar to the iron gates that you see outside luxury homes. Slides gates have a wheel and track system. It is more convenient than its counterparts. Folding gates come with two smaller metal leaves on the sides of the gates that allow them to open and close swiftly.

• Measurement – Always check the distance between the two pillars between which you want to install au autogate. For example, swing gates usually require a big gap, while sliding gates don’t have such specifications. You should measure the distance between the pillars and talk to one of the autogate Malaysia companies to choose the best autogate for your home or commercial property. Additionally, you should also keep the gate’s weight in mind. A heavy gate would require a motor with higher horsepower. On the other hand, lightweight gates can be more affordable.

Find a reliable company in Malaysia known for specializing in autogates. The experts can suggest the best autogate by taking a look at your property. To learn more, you can visit this Autogate blog.

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