Finding the Right Tank Top for Every Body Type

Tank tops are just the right apparel to wear when you want to show some amount of

skin, without looking too revealing. However, many women still shy away from this

type of clothing because due to worries that tank tops may not look good on their

body type. MG_3689_large

Any woman should be able to wear whatever she prefers to wear, regardless of the

body size. This includes tank top. If you are like any woman who is still body

conscious, the trick is to find the tank top that will flatter your figure. Not all tank tops

are made the same, and not all of them are skimpy. There are a lot of comfortable

tank tops out there that do not look slouchy. In fact some of which can be worn in

parties and other special occasions. Here are some types of tank tops for every body


Turtle Neck Tank

This type is surely not one for every woman. But, turtlenecks has retained its

timeless or classy look that many girls still want one in their closet. For a tropical

country like Malaysia, having a turtle neck tank top is just the right choice. This type

fits skinny women with defined neck line, or anyone with a slender figure.

Chiffon Tank Tops

This type of tank tops look feminine enough to be worn in the office or some night

out. The good thing about chiffon cuts, like the ones from MilkTee is that it is loose at

the bottom, enough to cover muffin tops, but also still showy on the top. Chiffon tankMG_9372_large

tops can also be used for business meetings. Just cap it off with a basic black blazer

and you are good to go. Be careful with choosing chiffon material though, because

some of those are low quality fabric, which may cause the tank top to be uneasy to

wear. MilkTee tank top uses high quality chiffon fabric so you can be assured of

utmost comfort no matter how you decide to wear the top.

Regular Fitted Tank Top

This features a round or square cut neckline and a flattering body hugging cut. This

is best for curvy and slender girls who are not afraid to show off their figure. Most of
these tank tops are also made from cotton material, so they can be a perfect addition

to your everyday wear. It’s easy to dress it up and down, as well. For those who are

more daring, you could also go for spaghetti tank tops from MilkTee.

There’s always the perfect top for every body type. And just because you think a

certain apparel is fit for a certain body size, does not mean you cannot wear it, too.

You just have to find the right cut, print, and fabric that will flatter your body.

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