Industrial fans, and what they are used for

From air blower fans to cross flow blowers, there are different kinds of industrial fan types. These fan types come with different purposes and specifications. Each fan can blow or suck air according to a unique and specific purpose. If you are planning to buy an industrial fan, it can be useful to know what kinds of types of industrial fans are being sold. And you may even have a need for an industrial blower fan, but you just do not know what kind you need. Whatever reason you have for reading this article from DAV, you can learn all about industrial fan types.

  1. Centrifugal fans

Centrifugal fans are also known as air blower fans. They are casually called air blower fans because, that is their function, and these kinds of fans are really good at blowing large amounts of air. They are called centrifugal fans because a fan at the center will blow air with a rotating motion. This rotating motion of the fan blades sucks in air from the back of the fan to blow it to the front of the fan. A faster blade rotation will mean that air is blown faster and stronger out of the other end.

air blower fan

Air blower fans are mostly used to suction air out of a room or cool a unit that gets too hot with continuous operation. If you have any heat problems with machinery, then air blower fans could be an effective solution.


  1. Axial fans

These fans are also known as propeller fans because of the large blades that look like propellers. Axial fans create wind flow in an axial direction, hence the use of the word in its name, axial. Axial fans use the least amount of energy to blow air, which makes these kinds of fans an effective choice for industrial cooling. These kinds of fans are popularly used as air blower fans into small spaces where electronics and computer parts need to be cooled with flowing air.

axial fan small

  1. Diagonal fans

These kinds of industrial fans can create a mixed direction of airflow. This mixed airflow can go into diagonal directions away from the fan itself. Diagonal fans are usually more compact and have a cone-shaped exterior that houses the fan. These types of fans are usually smaller than other types of fans. And they also have a lower operating noise.

  1. Cross blower fan

The cross blower fan is a unique kind of air blowing industrial fan. These kinds of industrial fans are laid flat on the ground, and the air is sucked in from above the fan into a tube. This air is the redirected to flow over a large flat surface area that is parallel to the ground. These kinds of industrial fans are very useful for cooling large surfaces that have a lot of areas that needs to be cooled down.


There you have it, the different types of industrial fans, their uses, and their designs. Hopefully, you will have learned a thing or two about air blower fans.

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