Styles Of Bungalow In Malaysia

Malaysia is increasingly becoming a destination of choice for ex-pats who are interested in conserving their savings while still enjoying all the modern conveniences of 21st-century life. Malaysia simply has a lot to offer. The majority of Malaysians are fluent in English and have a reputation as friendly and open people. The weather is hot, but most enclosed spaces are air-conditioned and the food is simply spectacular. Those who settle in the country are increasingly looking at bungalows as their residence of choice.

So what sort of bungalow designs are there available in Malaysia?

First, there is a modern bungalow house design in malaysia. This is fast becoming a favorite with both locals and ex-pats. These bungalows are characterized by large interior spaces and also often by large windows that allow natural light to enter the home. Many of the modern designs are suitable for smaller families or often a single person. These designs incorporate classic lines and features, while at the same time giving more than a passing nod to contemporary features such as air conditioning and large gardens. This is the bungalow for those who are intent on getting the best that money can buy – and they are often purchased off-plan, meaning that they offer incredible value.

Then there is the tropical style bungalow. According to Ming Joo bungalow designer,
the climate in Malaysia means that these sorts of bungalows have become increasingly popular. The design influence could be characterized as a regional interpretation of the classic ‘Hawaiin’ style home. There are a number of designs, ranging from the classic ‘plantation’ style homes to the more modern interpretation of the tropical home. these bungalows feature more of an open plan floor design – but still with the modern convenience of air conditioning and often large entranceways and windows that allow natural light into the home. Often the owners will choose darker, natural wood flooring that epitomizes the tropical style and approach. The use of natural materials also contributes to the tropical feel of the design. Natural stone and wood are often the highlights of the design.

For those who simply want the best that money can but there are contemporary design s that are at the upper levels of the luxury scale. These designs typically have multiple bedrooms, as well as large living room spaces. The kitchens are filled with modern conveniences and there is a choice of floor coverings, ranging from the classic tile or marble to natural woods. One popular choice is the beadboard wall. There is any number of choices available to the homeowner who will often work hand in hand with the architect to provide a design that is a reflection of their own personal style. The contemporary bungalow is designed around space – and it usually features large, open-plan spaces that allow for the flow of traffic between the room.s Often the design is characterized by light and airy colors that allow the spaces to shine.

There are a number of different bungalow designs available to those who wish to make their homes in Malaysia. The choice is almost unlimited. For those on a strict budget, the older bungalow styles offer exceptional value. For those who have access to large amounts of capital, the sky is really the limit.

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